Consultation Periodontist

Following this examination and treatment diagnosis, the Periodontist will provide you with an in-depth report outlining all the major issues and their recommendations for treatment. Keeping your gums healthy.
They’ll also provide you with a prognosis assessment so that you fully understand the consequences of the infection and what treatments can rectify the situation for the future.

The Periodontal Assessment Involves:

  • Full in-depth measurements and assessment of your gum and bone condition.
  • An evaluation of your bone levels and the support that it is providing your teeth.
  • The biological status of your teeth, gums, bone, and soft tissues. This is to detect any infection or decay in these areas.
  • An in-depth review of your medical history.
  • Radiographic Findings. Your radiographs (X-rays) will be evaluated in detail to discover the extent of the infection and deterioration
  • Treatment planning to devise the best approach to treatment.
  • Advice as to all the advantages and disadvantages of all your treatment options.

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